Friday, 11 August 2017

Montenegro 2017

A look book kinda thing...

So I just got back from our annual family holiday abroad and we went to the increasingly popular Montenegro (east of Italy, across the Adriatic Sea). Safe to say it was hotter than we had expected for Europe, with temperatures reaching up to 44°C (111°F about), but it was INSANE. Anyone of you struggling for a location I would highly recommend Montenegro. The people, the food, the views. All incredible. Some of it doesn't even seem real.

Anyways, I decided to try and show you some of the outfits I wore in a few of the evenings. I'll try to link them but most of them I bought a while back and so may not be sold still. idk, we'll just find out as I'm typing this. Please bare in mind the I had no camera with me, so had to use my phone camera (iPhone 6S so the quality isn't exactly terrible, but I guess could have been a lot better), I couldn't ask my brother to take cute shots of me because that makes me uncomfortable and I don't have the balls, and the lighting in my room was next level crap. All in all, I apologise, but hey ho, we live and learn. Next time I'll at least try to take a tripod with me...

So the first look was the worst when it comes to lighting and positioning. I wasn't really aware of all the lights in the room and available positions to leave my phone on timer as I found an appropriate position to pose, resulting in me not being able to show you the back detail of this outfit which is minimalistic but I still love it.
the quality actually makes me cringe on this but you'll have to deal with it I guess :/ sorry...
This is a plain black jumpsuit from boohoo, cost me about £12. As I said, I couldn't get a nice photo of the back of this one, but it has an open, low-cut back, that it's tied together with a bow or whatever, giving a more of a boxy frame and cute back. The bow can also cover up the bra clasp if you're concerned about exposing your under garments, if you wear one. The material is very thin, but what more can you expect for £12? The fit is perfect for me, sitting nicely on the body and even coming with pockets which is just the actual. I wore white converse with this but I've also worn black block heels which I guess makes the outfit more formal. It's quite a smart casual outfit and so is flexible in terms of wear-ability. I paired a plain black belt with gold buckle, which, as you may be able to tell, is seriously falling apart, but this helps accentuate the waist and makes it quite slimming which you may want with this sort of 'boxy' style.
This actually isn't available anymore which is a bit of a pain, but here are some similar alternatives...
        = Petite Melissa O-Ring Detail Belted Jumpsuit
        = Erin Zip Shoulder Tailored Jumpsuit
        = Plus Louise High Neck Jumpsuit
& then also the All Star White Converse.

So the next one is 100% one of my favourite outfits of all time in my life ever. I also took the photos before we went for dinner when there was actual daylight so you can see the outfit a little better.
The top, as is rather obvious, is a white sleeveless crop top, ribbed all over with an almost racer back style front and back. I'm fairly certain it's supposed to be tight across the rim, but it's slightly baggy now, which may be due to me wearing it a lot, but I makes it a little more airy and comfortable for food babies. The white, on someone as pale as I am, makes you look a lot less white as the contrast is a lot greater. It was from River Island about 2 years ago, but it was also available in other shades/colours. I have a grey one and my friend has a black one, so if you recognise it, it's probably the same. Now, the trousers. These took a whole lot of searching for as I was looking for something very specific. Blue, white & red pin striped, full length, loose fit, mid waist trousers. So yeah, nothing to much. I searched EVERYWHERE. I mean all the high street stores, a load of designer stores, even Ebay. And then I came across Matalan and there they were. The trousers I love. And for £15. What a bargain. And they look insane. The fit is just perfect for me as they are very baggy and loose, with the pinstripes making my legs look longer and thinner - always a positive. And there's pockets: my fave.
The top is no longer available, but there are some similar ones available from misguided...
        = White Racer Back Tank Crop Top
& the trousers are currently on sale, reduced from £15 to £10 which is even better
        = Stripe Wide Leg Trousers

So this is the only dress that I wore. To be honest I really hate my legs and so seriously struggle to wear skirts and dresses without feeling extremely uncomfortable which can be a big pain especially when the heat is so extreme.
To state the blindingly obvious, the dress is a rusty red colour with a high neck and mid-length sleeves, coming down to just a couple of inches above the knee. The boxy style is really useful for me because it doesn't stick to my legs, meaning I don't feel as uncomfortable and exposed and also, I'm incredibly cool. The high neck and sleeves do make the dress feel quite warm, but due to the loose fit of it, it cools down very quickly. This was absolutely perfect for me as my stomach had got a bit burnt and so I didn't have anything rubbing up against it, so in terms of practicality, it was comfortable. I can't remember where this is from & I can't find it anywhere so here is the closest alternative that took some hunting down.
        = Berry Red Frill Jersey Swing Dress with Frill Detail

The final look I shall be sharing with you is one that I've been wearing for at least a year now so I'm 99.9% certain you can't buy these anywhere, sorry...
So the trousers are this really cute kind of floral paisley pattern in black and cream. I guess you could say they are peg style with a leather upper hem, giving it a belt look with the belt hoops. These are a lot more fitted which can sometimes make me feel a little uncomfortable, but as these are tight and follow the shape of the leg (getting 'tighter' as the leg goes down) I think I'm more comfortable with them. And then there's this gorgeous top with the straps and lace. It's an ivory lace with just plain lace on the back. This is probably my favourite formal top because it's fancy and posh but still a bit cute. How lovely. You do either have to wear boob tape or nude bra if you want to be descreet but I guess it's up to the wearer. The smart casual look is really easy, and paired with some sandals and a little anklet can look really adorable all together.
I found, as seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout this post, some alternatives that are kind of similar, so if you fancy something like them, here you go:
        = Black Paisley Print Crochet Hem Trousers
        = White Lace Trim Cropped Cami Top

I guess it's clear to say that I'm a fan of the trouser. I'm not a leg-confident person at all & so on holiday I really struggle. But I'm comfortable and happy when I wear trousers and I guess that's what's most important. I still had an unbelievable holiday & I'm so blessed to be able to even have the experience. I'm leaving you with a few photos of Montenegro because the country is so beautiful and I really think y'all would appreciate it.

Hope you're all doing okay,

Adios Amigos


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